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Turnaround Times Explained

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Truework can complete verifications for any employee in the United States. In order to complete these requests, Truework leans on 3 specific methods: 

  1. Instant Verifications
  2. Provider Partnerships
  3. Smart Outreach

To learn more about these 3 methods, visit this article: How does Truework Complete Every Verification?

Our turnaround times vary according to the method we must use to complete the requests. You can expect the following turnaround for each: 


1. Instant Verifications: Instantly! 


When you submit a verification request for an employee, Truework will be able to recognize whether they are in our system right away, and complete the request for you. 

2. Provider Partnerships: 2 - 24 hours


If you submit a request for an employee whose data is available through a Third-Party Provider such as Thomas & Co, Truework will be able to identify and access that data for you. 

3. Smart Outreach: 48 hours - and beyond! 


If the employee for whom you've submitted request is neither in Truework's network, nor available via Third-Party Provider, our in-person team - based out of Utah - can conduct manual outreach to any employer in the US and directly procure that data for you. 




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