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Tips & Tricks for Ensuring a Quick Turnaround

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In order to ensure the quickest possible turnaround, we recommend that you provide as much information as possible when you submit your requests.

Employee Data

  • Full SSN is required for every request we receive
  • Employee email address
    • Some no-provider employers require this
    • Third-party providers may require salary keys; in these instances we email the employee to request the key when completing the request
  • Authorization form
  • Date of birth, employee ID number (if possible), Branch or Department name (if possible)
    • No-provider employers will often need this information before agreeing to provide employee data. 


Employer Data

  • Employer website and/or domain
    • If our system is unaware of the employer, it will prompt you to include their website and/or address. 
    • We encourage you to include this information whenever requested, as it allows us to correctly identify the employer.


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