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What is GSE coverage and how do I know when a request is eligible?

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Fannie Mae’s DU validation service (a component of Day 1 Certainty, or D1C) helps you improve your borrower’s experience by reducing paperwork and can help you process loans faster. By using Truework and the DU validation service, you can receive freedom from reps & warrants on income and employment validated in DU.

Additionally, data shows that you can reduce cycle time up to 12 days* when employment and income are validated at the loan level through Fannie Mae’s DU validation service.

AIM is a capability within Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) that automates the assessment of borrower assets, income and employment for lenders. By leveraging the expertise of third-party service providers, AIM helps deliver a simpler, more efficient loan origination process.


Is my Truework request eligible for D1C or AIM?

Truework can determine whether or not your request is D1C or AIM-eligible after submission. Typically, Truework requests are D1C or AIM-eligible if the data is accessible through Truework Instant (D1C and AIM) and Truework Credentials (D1C). They may also be eligible if the requests are available to Truework via one of our third-party provider partners.

You will be made aware of whether or not your request is D1C or AIM-eligible via email notification. You can also access that information directly in your Truework Dashboard and within the completed report. 


1. D1C and AIM in Your Truework Dashboard

In your Truework Dashboard, click on the "Requests" tab and scroll to the completed report:




If the request is D1C and AIM-eligible, you will see it highlighted in purple above the "Request Detail" tab:



2. D1C and AIM Within the Completed Report

You can access your completed report from your Truework Dashboard and (if using) within Encompass®. If the report is D1C and/or AIM-certified, you will see the following on the upper right-hand corner of the document along with the reference numbers:



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