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Why did you ask the employee to connect to their payroll?

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After a verification request is submitted, Truework will use the employee’s SSN to ping our API to see if there is an immediate match on Truework’s instant data network of over 35 million employees. If there is an immediate match, the verification will be completed instantly, but what happens if the applicant is outside Truework’s instant data network?


If required to complete the verification, we will fulfill the request using  Truework Credentials. This new verification technology lets applicants share verified employment and income data by logging into their payroll provider. This is especially useful when verifying 1099 contractors and other hard-to-verify employees, like those in government agencies. 


Truework Credentials can connect to over 150 payroll providers, including government payroll, gig economy platforms and custom-built payroll platforms for large Fortune 500 companies. See more on what happens if we are unable to connect to the payroll account here.

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