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How do I order a reverification?

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It’s easy to get started on reverifications. Please see what a reverification is here!

Either through your dashboard, email, or original verification request—you’ll simply click “reverify” to automatically prompt the reverification process for any request.



In your dashboard, you’ll be able to easily visualize which requests are reverifications, and be able to click into said request to view the original verification.



Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reverify employment information for any request submitted through Truework within 90 days of submitting original request
  • A discounted rate for reverifications; when you reverify with Truework, you’ll receive a discounted rate from your original verification request—making it a no-brainer to complete your reverifications with Truework
  • Even faster turnaround times than traditional Truework verifications
  • Get up-to-date employment status on all reverification reports, which may also include job title, dates of employment, and start date


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