Request Status Updates: Explained

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Great news! We' have added real-time updates to all your verifications. Now you can see how each verification is progressing. 

Where to find Request Status Updates: 

To view status updates navigate to the "Request Status" tab on any request in your dashboard. 


How to understand Request Status Updates: 


From the moment you submit a request you can see every step Truework takes to complete your verification. 

  • Latest Action - We've added a "Latest" tab and highlighted the status in bright purple for you to quickly spot the most up-to-date information on how the request is progressing.
  • Additional Information required - Is highlighted in red to showcase where we need your help or the borrower's getting the request across the finish line. 
  • Past Statuses - Are shown in dark blue and provide a timestamp for you to see all the steps we already took
  • Remaining Statuses - Are shown in grey and roughly outline the remaining steps needed to complete the request. Wherever possible, we'll show an estimate of when we expect to complete the request. 

Request Status Updates fall into three broad categories:  

Request Review

This category confirms that Truework has received the request and is working to making sure it contains everything needed to process. You will receive a notification if any additional information is required. Some examples include:

Truework will reach out directly to let you know if additional information is needed. See here to learn how to minimize the likelihood of needing to providing additional information.


Your request has been accepted by our team and we are working to get it completed. You can find a high-level overview of Truework's request completion process here: How does Truework complete every verification? Typical status updates you may see include:
  • Searching 35 million records on our Instant Network
  • Searching 5 million records on our partner networks
  • Reviewing verification requirements for  {target_company}
  • Quality Review completed 

Processing is by and large where you will find the most information about the steps we are taking on a request. We've added tool-tips on several updates to clarify what they mean.


Report Complete

Your request will enter this category once it is ready for you to review.  Select the "Request Detail" tab in your dashboard to access the completed report. Note that you can download every completed request as a PDF. 

Additionally you can still reference "Request Status" tab to see what steps were taken to reach completion. 
Request Status Updates: Cancelled Requests 
We do our best to complete every request at Truework, but sometimes reasons out of our control prevent us from delivering a completed report. Learn more about reasons we cancel a request here. 
Whenever a request is cancelled, Request Status Updates will show you where along the journey it was cancelled.
Whenever possible, we also provide a reason for cancellation above Request Status Updates. 

What's next

We built Request Status Updates because we heard from our verifiers the importance of knowing when and how a request will be completed.


No matter how if its through our Instant, Credentials, or Smart Outreach solutions, Truework keeps you updated every step of the way!


Submit a new request and see for yourself!

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