Verification Status: Explained

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Your request may show up as several states in your dashboard. Here are what they mean.

"Submitted" - We have received your request and are working on making sure it contains everything we need to process. Typically requests will not be in this state for more than one business hour. If a request has been here for longer than that, feel free to reach out to our team.


"Action Needed" - We have viewed your request and identified something we need in order to start the verification process. Some examples include a signed borrowers authorization, branch location, or authorization code. If your request is in this state, someone from our team will reach out directly to you and let you know what we need.


"Processing" - Your request has been accepted by our team and we are working on getting it completed. Keep an eye out from us regarding any updates or further information we may need from you.


"Completed" - Your report is ready to be viewed, click the requests tab on the left side of your dashboard to view all completed requests.


"Employee Not Found" - We were unable to locate this specific employee at the company requested. If you do not believe this information is correct, feel free to reach out to our team. Please also make sure to carefully double check all of the information you submit!

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