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How do I submit a Social Service request?

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If you are from a government agency or nonprofit looking to obtain income or employment verification from an employer who partners with Truework, we may be able to complete your request free of charge.


1. Go to and click on "Start a Verification".

2. Create an account and confirm your email address.

3. Enter your order details.

4. Under 'Permissible Purpose', enter "Government / Social Services Worker".

5. Submit your order.


Tip: Our website works best with Google Chrome.


You will always need to have a valid credit card on file. Once an employer is selected, the order form will automatically display the verification fee based on several factors. If we can provide the verification for free, you will see a fee of $0. If we cannot provide the verification for free, you will see the fee amount and have the opportunity to decline prior to submitting the order.



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