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Truework's Third-Party Provider Partnerships

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In addition to our Instant network of 45M employee records (and growing), Truework provides access to 90% of third-party VOI/E service providers.

Additionally, Truework is the first VOI/E provider approved by Fannie Mae to provide exclusive Day 1 Certainty eligibility for millions of records on other third-party providers. This breakthrough gives Truework a Day 1 Certainty data network of over 55 million records.

In conjunction with our Instant network, Smart Outreach, and Credentials verification methods, these third-party partnerships make it possible for us to complete any request you have.

Our Partners

Here is the full list of our Third-Party Provider Partners:


➢ CCC Verify*

➢ DriverFacts

➢ Driver IQ

➢ Thomas and Co*

➢ Driver Reach

➢ EVAdvantage

➢ uConfirm*

➢ Employcheck (PreCheck)

➢ Quick Confirm

➢ VerisafeJobs

➢ Jobtrax

➢ VerificationManager

➢ Vault Verify* ➢ Verifent ➢ VerifyToday
  ➢ Verifyx  
*D1C-eligible when verified through Truework.

If you have questions about any providers you may not see on this list, please get in touch with us at


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