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Rippling Employer FAQs

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How does Rippling work with Truework?

Rippling has partnered with Truework to securely and instantly share income and employment information with authenticated institutions, such as mortgage lenders, landlords, or banks. Our partnership ensures that nothing gets in the way of getting these processes right.


How much does this cost? 

Truework is free for both employees and employers. Authenticated institutions, such as mortgage lenders, banks and landlords, pay a fee for Truework to complete income and employment verifications.


I don't want to use Truework. How do I opt out?

If your company does not want to participate in this service, you can disable Truework in your App Settings. Please remember that disabling Truework will make verifying your employees' income and employment more difficult when they apply for a mortgage or other financial services.


I want to use Truework. How do I sign up?

You are already signed up. Rippling is directly integrated with Truework; no action is needed to automate income and employment verifications on your employees' behalf.


What should I do if an authenticated institution (landlord, lender, bank) contacts me?

To ensure your income and employment verifications are completed as quickly as possible, please direct all requests to

You may also consider adding a backlink to on your website and creating an automated IVR and email response.


What should I do if my employee asks me to verify their employment?

Employees should direct their authenticated institution (landlord, lender, bank) to submit an income and employment verification request on


Do my employees need to take any action to use Truework?

No, employees already have access to Truework through the Rippling integration. Employees can update their sharing preferences in the Account Settings section on Rippling.


What should I tell my employees about the partnership between Rippling and Truework?

Employee data security and privacy are protected by Truework, validating that the permissible purpose and proper authorization documents are present before the request is sent to them. The income and employment verification process only takes minutes.

You can use the template located here to introduce Truework to your employees.

Please direct your employees to the FAQs here if they have additional questions.


My employee complained about their data being incorrect. How can I correct it?

The fastest way to correct your employee's data is to update it on Rippling. Once that happens, have the employee email and ask Truework to send an updated employment and income verification to their authenticated institution.


We use Rippling, but our team received a request for verification from Truework. Why didn't the request get completed instantly through the Rippling integration?

Truework will ensure that the information about the employee is always up-to-date and accurate.

There are cases where the information we got from our integration with Rippling may be incorrect. As a last resort, we contact payroll or HR teams to ask for information about an employee.

It can happen in the following cases:

  • The employee hasn’t started yet, or no information about the employee was entered in Rippling
  • The employee or third party has flagged an error in the report provided
  • The information requested by the third party is not available on Rippling, such as the likelihood of continuance of variable income or the date an employee is expected to return from a leave of absence

If you receive a manual request, we recommend responding quickly and following up with Rippling to troubleshoot why the employee's data was unavailable instantly.




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