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Understanding Income and Employment Verification

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Rippling has partnered with Truework to securely and instantly share income and employment information with authenticated institutions, such as mortgage lenders, landlords, or banks. Our partnership ensures that nothing gets in the way of getting these processes right.

Your data security and privacy are protected by Truework, validating that the permissible purpose and proper authorization documents are present before the request is sent to you.

The whole process only takes minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. An authenticated institution, such as a mortgage lender, submits a request for income or employment verification on
  2. Truework ensures that the authenticated institution provided the proper permissible purpose and documentation. If our system requires an additional step, Rippling will send you an email notification that a request has been made. You can accept or deny that request. 
  3. If you accept the request, your income and employment information will be shared with the authenticated institution. In all cases, we will inform you when your information has been shared.
  4. If you deny the request, the information will not be shared with the third-party institution.

Do you still have questions about Rippling and Truework’s partnership? 

Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions here.

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