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How does Rippling work with Truework?

Rippling partners with Truework to remove the administrative burden of responding to inbound verification requests from lenders, landlords and background check companies, saving your company hours each year. This offers your employees control over their data and automates verifications for your team. You can read more about the partnership here.


Is this a free service? 

Yes, Truework is free for you and your employees.


I don't want to use Truework, how do I opt-out?

If your company does not want to participate in this service, you can disable Truework in your App Settings.


I want to use Truework, how do I sign up?

You are already signed up! Rippling has a direct integration with Truework and no action is needed to automate verifications on behalf of your employees.


What do I do if a verifier contacts me?

To eliminate administrative work and ensure your employees receive the fastest verifications possible, please direct all inbound requests to

Additionally, you may consider adding a backlink to to your website, or creating a standard phone tree or email response.


My employee just asked me to do a verification, where do I send them?

Tell your employee to direct their verifier (e.g. lender or landlord) to to submit the request.


Do my employees need to take any action to use Truework?

No, employees already have access to Truework through the Rippling integration. Employees are able to update their sharing preferences in the Account Settings section in Rippling.

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