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What is the process to complete a verification?

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Completing a verification via Truework is simple! The following scenario illustrates how it works: 

  1. You are applying for a credit card or a loan.
  2. A verifier, such as a loan processor, will be responsible for approving your application. They will need to confirm that the employment and salary information you have shared is correct. So, they will submit a verification request to to do so.
  3. Once the verifier submits a request, you may receive an email requesting your assistance in completing the verification. Note, that Truework will only send you the email if required.

Note: This process will look different if your employer is contracted with Truework. You can learn more here: My employer uses Truework. 

Where do I come in?

Click the "Start Your Verification" button in your email. Note: The link in this button will expire after days. 


Next, you will be prompted to connect to your employers' payroll system. Click "Continue:"


Truework will then either identify your employers' payroll provider or invite you to select your payroll platform. 

Screen_Shot_2021-09-17_at_12.16.21_PM.png              Screen_Shot_2021-09-17_at_12.16.36_PM.png


Next, sign in! If you have trouble signing in, visit this article: What happens if I am unable to connect to my payroll account?


You'll see the following window once you're signed in:




Congrats - your verification is now complete! You can now rest easy, and wait to hear back about your application. 

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