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I'm an employee. Why does Truework Credentials reconnect to my payroll account?

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Sometimes a business needs to re-verify your income or employment information during a financial transaction.

When you connected your payroll account with Truework Credentials, it established a connection that we temporarily keep open to speed up the reverification process, preventing unnecessary delays.

Your connection only remains open for as long as needed, but no more than a 90-day window. After that, we’ll automatically close the connection.

You may notice logins to your payroll account during this time, which is normal. The login notifications might say an Android or iPhone device logged into your account. We use that technology to make this process as fast and secure as possible.

Occasionally, your connection might become disconnected in the event of a password reset.


At Truework, we take data privacy very seriously and want to assure you that your information is safe.


If at any time you want us to close an active connection, email, and we’ll take care of it.

We hope this answers your question and look forward to supporting your future income and employment verification needs.

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