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Understanding Income and Employment Verification

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Rippling has partnered with Truework to securely and instantly share income and employment information with authenticated institutions, such as mortgage lenders, landlords, or banks. Our partnership ensures that nothing gets in the way of getting these processes right.

Your employees’ data security and privacy are protected by Truework, validating that the permissible purpose and proper authorization documents are present before the request is sent to the employee.

The whole process is short and requires zero effort from you, the employer. Here’s how it works:

  1. An authenticated institution, such as a mortgage lender, submits a request for income or employment verification on
  2. Truework securely authenticates the request.
  3. Rippling sends the employee an email notification that a request has been made.
  4. Employees control their data by deciding whether to accept or deny that request.
  5. Truework instantly shares the income or employment data with the verifier if the employee accepts the request. Nothing gets shared if the employee denies the request.


Truework Saves You Time

Truework HR Income & Employment verification tools automatically respond to income requests by third parties. Our product enables Human Resources and Payroll teams to focus on other tasks.

You can read more about those tools here.

Handling Third-Party Requests

When a third party requests information about an employee, you can direct them to the New Verification page.

Thousands of third parties use Truework daily to complete their income and employment verifications.

Truework will run our authentication process and ensure that the third party has the right to access that employee’s data. To ensure your employee’s privacy and security, direct third parties to the New Verification page and avoid providing information by phone or email.

Handling Employee Questions

You can redirect employees to the Rippling help page for employees for answers to general questions.

Security & Compliance

Head to our Security & Privacy page to learn about our data security and compliance program.

Additional Information

Do you still have questions about Rippling and Truework’s partnership? 

Check out more information here.

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