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Does Truework charge verifiers? 

Truework charges a fee to the verifier (banks, mortgage companies, pre-employment screening firms, etc) when requesting detailed employment or income information. These firms generally expect to pay between $40 - $50 per request, and account for this in their processing fees when issuing a loan or running a background check on the employee. This is an industry-standard practice across all providers and Truework charges some of the lowest rates in the industry. Through this effort, this allows us to keep costs low for our HR customers and ultimately eliminate these tasks for your HR & Payroll team, which leads to increased productivity & ROI. 

Does Truework charge government entities? 

If your team receives regular requests from government entities, please don’t hesitate to send them directly to Truework! We will not charge government entities for any requests that are made through Such requests typically range from things like social services to even gaming licenses. 

What do I do if a verifier does not want to pay? 

If you are contacted by a verifier who is unwilling to pay for their request, please send them to our team, at we’ll handle it from there! 

What IS Truework's pricing? 

We want to make it as easy as possible verifiers to submit their requests, and for that reason, we keep our pricing below industry-standard. When requesting a verification, they can expect the following:


Is Truework's pricing always the same? 

The cost of our verifications will only fluctuate if we receive a request for an employee who is not in our network. As a result, this fluctuation does not impact any of the employees in our system. In other words: if you have an integration with your HRIS system and Truework, our pricing will stay consistent with what's listed above.



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