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Filling Out an HR Responder Form

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As an employer who uses Truework, you may occasionally receive emails from asking you to fill out an HR Responder form. These forms are sent when a verifier requests supplemental information that only your HR team can provide. Once you have filled out the form, Truework can move forward with the verification.

Truework will always reflect the data provided directly by the recipient of the HR Responder form in a verification. In other words, this data comes straight from you, and goes straight to the verifier!

A typical HR Responder form request looks like this:


To fill out the form, click the link in your email. From there, you will be brought to a new window, in which you will be prompted to provided the additional information.


Should you have any questions regarding the form, please feel free to reach out to Otherwise, "Submit Employee Verification" when you're done, and Truework can take it from there!


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