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Migration from a Team to a PAYG Customer

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Every Teams customer at Truework will either be migrated to an Enterprise Customer or Pay As You Go (PAYG) customer on June 1st. If you have not signed a contract with Truework by June 1st, you will be a Pay As You Go customer. This guide is intended to demonstrate what will change come June 1st for Pay As You Go customers.

Current behavior for Teams

As a Team, billing is managed for all users of the team at the team level. Individual team members don’t pay for individual verifications.


All existing Teams customers are only charged once a month, at the end of the month. For every Teams customer, a monthly invoice is generated and the monthly invoice amount is what is charged.

(As a reminder, Team Settings can be accessed by every Admin user and Owner within the Team)


Teams can either pay in an Automated manner, which involves a Team Admin setting the billing method to Automated, and putting in a Team credit card on file. The Team card will get charged at the end of the monthly for the total monthly invoice amount automatically.


Or Teams can pay manually. The Team Billing contact will receive an invoice at the end of the month that they can pay for manually (through card, wire transfer, ACH, etc)


Behavior post June 1st

If you signed a contract with Truework prior to June 1st, the Teams product will not change in behavior given you are an Enterprise customer.

If you did not sign a contract with Truework prior to June 1st, you will be moved to a Truework Pay As You Go customer. What will change?

Firstly, PAYG customers will be charged after every verification completion (instead of once a month). There will be no monthly invoice generated, the monthly invoicing feature will be unavailable. (To enable monthly invoicing, you’ll have to upgrade to Truework Enterprise).


A shared Team payment method can still be used, and can only be inputted by Team owners and admins via the Teams Settings page. If enabled, all users on the team will be able to submit requests without needing to add individual payment methods.

  • If you had Automated Billing setup prior to June 1st, that payment method will automatically become the Team Payment method

  • If you had Manual Billing set up prior to June 1st, there will be no Team Payment method on file. We encourage you to add a Team Payment Method to ensure your users don’t have to manage individual payment methods to submit requests.


If a Team Payment Method is not added, users will be responsible for adding their own payment methods.


If both a Team Payment Method and user Default Payment is not configured, and the team member attempts to submit a verification, we will ask them to add a payment method at the submission step.


You can always configure a Team Payment method in the future if you don’t want to add one right now. When you do, the Team Payment method will always be used in place of the team members individual payment method.

For all completed verifications submitted by PAYG customers, the team member who submitted the request will receive a receipt via email and also have a receipt available in the Request Details section for the verification.


Note: Customers will no longer have access to the Team Invoices tab. To view any past invoice, please contact Support.



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