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How To Fix Encompass Issue From May 4-10th

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A technical error may have impacted your Truework verifications made between May 4-10, 2022 through Encompass.

What happened?

Truework verifications ordered in Encompass between May 4 — 10, 2022 may have experienced two issues:

1. Income data on the loan file incorrect due to duplicate VOE reports


2. A server error claiming an outdated version of the loan file


What is Truework is doing to resolve this issue?

Truework deployed a change on May 10 at 5pm EST that prevented writing any income information to the loan object. Both the incorrect income (Issue #1) and server error (Issue #2) should not occur for any verifications created after this timeframe. 


Steps to resolve incorrect income data (Issue #1)

To identify and delete duplicate the reports for each loan ID:

1. Open the “Employment & Income” section in the “Application View” page in LO Connectgin_3.png


2. Open “Manage VOE” in LO Connect/Web or “Show all VOE” in Smart Client gin_4.png


3. Review the list of Employment records for any duplicates which contain the same income amount. Note that the duplicate record will not have an employer name. Be careful to avoid deleting non-duplicate records.



4. Select all duplicate Employment records and click on the “trash can” icon to delete.


Steps to resolve server error (Issue #2)

This issue should resolve with no action needed by the user. If you are still receiving this error, try closing and reopening Encompass®, or logging out and logging back in. The Truework order will be placed successfully.


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