How do I announce Truework to my employees?

Letting your employees know they can automate income and employment verifications with Truework saves the average employer over 100 hours per year

With Truework, employers no longer need to respond to emails, phone calls or fax requests to complete verifications on behalf of their employees. 

Below is a template email you can send to your employees outlining the benefits of Truework:

Hi team,

[COMPANY NAME] is now using Truework to automate employment and income verifications through Rippling. Truework helps employees get approved faster for transactions requiring verification, such as buying a car or applying for a mortgage.

Next time you need a verification, please send the third party (e.g. lender or landlord) directly to

What is Truework? 

Truework is a certified credit reporting agency that gives employees control over their sensitive data. 

How does it work? 

Truework makes sure every submitted request has proper authorization before sharing sensitive information. Once a request is received, employees will be notified via email and can approve or deny the request. Employees can update their verification settings at any time from their Rippling account settings



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