Rippling Employee Experience: Using Truework for the first time

Rippling has partnered with Truework to make it easier for HR teams to share employment & income information with third party verifiers like lenders or banks. Now, employment  information can be shared directly with third-party verifiers, and you will be able to give your consent before any data is passed along.

How it works:

  1. A third party, such as a loan officer or landlord, will submit a request for a verification of employment or income to in order to confirm your employment information. 
  2. Truework reviews the request for authenticity and Rippling will notify you via email that a request has been made. 
  3. You receive the email and have an opportunity to review the employment information Truework will be sharing with the verifier. You will then have the option to either approve or deny the request. 
  4. If you approve the request, Truework will securely share your VOE/I with the verifier; Truework will share nothing with the verifier if you deny the request. 

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