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What is Truework?

Truework has partnered with Gusto to automate your verifications of income and employment. This means that you, as an employee, can call the shots on what gets shared with third-party verifiers, and when. 

What is a verification of income (VOI) and employment (VOE)? 

There are a number of instances in which you may need to VOE or a VOI. In all of these instances, the process involves a third-party that needs to confirm your income and employment background. Some examples include: 

  • When you are applying for a mortgage
  • When you are applying for a loan
  • An application for credit
  • A background check for a new job

How does Truework automate VOEs and VOIs with Gusto? 

The following scenario outlines how and when you can expect Truework to complete a verification of income and employment for you:

  1. You are buying your first house, and need to apply for a mortgage. So, you reach out to the bank, and are assigned a mortgage lender who is responsible for approving your application. To provide your employment information to the lender, who must now confirm that what you share is correct. 
  2. Your mortgage lender submits a VOE or VOI request to in order to confirm your employment information. 
  3. Truework reviews the request for authenticity and Gusto will notify you, the employee, via email that a request has been made. 
  4. You receive the email and have an opportunity to review the employment information Truework will be sharing with the verifier. You will then have the option to either approve or deny the request. 
  5. If you approve the request, Truework will securely share your VOE/I with the verifier; Truework will share nothing with the verifier if you deny the request. 

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