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Accessing Letters via SSO

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Click here to learn about our Letters feature: What are Truework Letters?

If your employer has enabled a single sign on service for you to access Truework, you can find detailed information on accessing your letters below:



Option 1: Log in via Okta tile

  • Sign in to Okta directly and choose 'Truework' from your Apps. This will open up the Employee Dashboard immediately.



Option 2: Log in via

  • Navigate to and begin to enter your company name into the window. A drop down will appear. Keep typing until you see the correct company. 
  • Select the correct company and then click 'Get Started.'
  • Truework will ask for an email address. Active employees should enter their work email address and click 'Generate Code.'
  • The Okta sign in will appear. Sign In using your company credentials.
  • If enabled, you will go through the usual Okta two-factor authentication process.
  • Once authenticated, you will see your Truework Employee Dashboard.


Click here to learn what happens once you access your Letter Dashboard. 

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