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Announcing Truework to Employees

Once you are ready to go live with Truework, the first thing you will want to do is make sure that your employees understand the new process.

At a high level, employees will need to know three things

  1. Should a third-party need to submit a verification request, employees should direct them to (e.g. for mortgage loans)
  2. Employees may receive an email from to notify them of a completed request, whereby they will have the chance to review and comment on the information shared.
  3. If they have any questions regarding a verification, they can reach out to our support team via the chatbox at 

When announcing Truework to your employees, we suggest that you: 

  1. Update your internal wiki with information about Truework. 
  2. Send an email to your employees with the appropriate collateral attached. Please feel free to refer to the example email pasted below when drafting your own: 

 Copy, paste and customize this draft email:

Hi everyone,

Excited to announce that [COMPANY NAME] is now using Truework to power the employment verification process. For any situation where you might be applying to a loan, renting a new apartment, or buying a home, Truework allows you to quickly and securely get verified during the application process without having to contact HR. One of the most exciting parts of this service is that employees will now have greater control and visibility of their sensitive employment information and what external parties we share this with.

For any situations where you are required to complete an employment or income verification, our new process will work as follows:

  1. Direct your lender or person completing the verification to visit
  2. Once the request has been completed, you will receive an email from Truework with our company logo, prompting you to review the information that has been released
  3. You'll now have the option to review your personal information, and request to have HR review the data if it appears incorrect.

As a resource, we've attached a guide for you that outlines the Truework experience for employees.
If you have any specific questions, Truework also offers customer support throughout their website.


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