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Zenefits: What is Truework?

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Truework works with verifiers and HR teams to automate verifications of income and employment.


Get your time back:

By automating verifications of income and employment with Truework, you and your HR Team will have more time to focus on important tasks at hand.


Verifications done fast: 

Thanks to Truework's integration with Zenefits, employee information can get verified in under one hour. 


Put your employees first:

Employees are notified when their sensitive information is shared, and they are given the opportunity to review their data. 



How it works: 

  1. Verifier submits a request to Truework. 
  2. Truework reviews the request for authenticity and makes the completed report available to the verifier via our secure platform. 
  3. The employee is notified of the completed request, and the report is shared securely for review and comment. 

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