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I'm a verifier. How do I assign users within Okta and Truework?

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Open your Okta account and go to Applications > Truework > Settings > Assignments > Assign > Assign to People or Assign to Groups.



In the modal, you can assign users based on an email address or assign entire groups of users directly.


For individually assigned users, you can create a username.


You can always review who has been assigned to Okta by reviewing your Truework App:



Once you have assigned the appropriate users within Okta, make sure the same users with corresponding email addresses are added to your Team. To add new users, you can log in to your Truework dashboard, select “Team” and click on “Add New Member” in the top right corner.

Alternatively, you can send a list of users to your Truework point of contact for Truework to add to your Team on your behalf.




Once the list of users in Truework matches the list of users configured for Truework in Okta, every user should be able to log in seamlessly via SSO!



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