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I'm a verifier. How do I create my Truework app in Okta?

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1. From your Okta account, go to Applications, select "Add Application"Screen_Shot_2021-09-08_at_4.26.06_PM.png

2. Then, "Create New App":


3. Select "SAML 2.0" and click "Create." 



4. Name the App. We'd recommend calling it "Truework":



5. Return to your Truework admin account, and go to your Settings: 

  • You have to be logged in as an Admin user within Truework to do this. 
  • Once logged in, go to Team > Team Settings.



6. From there, click "Edit" on SAML (Single Sign-On) to enable it. Then, copy and paste the following from your Truework Account into Okta: 

  • ACS from Truework into Single Sign on URL in Okta
  • Entity ID from Truework into Audience URI within Okta

You must also set the following fields: 

  • Name ID format to "Email Address"
  • Application username to "Email" 
  • Attribute Statements for email, firstName, and lastName (highlighted in the blue box). Note: this is not optional for Truework even though it is optional in Okta's UI. 


Once you have completed the above, scroll down and hit "Next."

7. From there, hit "Finish." 


8. Select "View Setup Instructions." 


Then, input the information from Okta in your Truework Settings. The alignment of the fields is as follows: 



From there, select "Save" in the Truework Team Settings. You will see a green banner on your screen to confirm that you have successfully saved everything!

Moving forward, you will be able to review the status of your SSO from your Truework Admin Settings:



You've set up your Truework App in Okta! Now, click here to learn how to assign users within Okta and Truework.


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