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Gusto launches exclusive partnership with Truework


At Truework we put consumer privacy and data protection at the forefront of our operating mindset. Today we are excited to announce a significant step forward in this mission as we partner with Gusto and its 100k+ small businesses to become the exclusive verification provider for the Gusto platform.

This partnership will enable lenders, landlords and others to verify any employee on the Gusto platform through Truework, with employee consent.

Gusto was built to help small businesses take care of their hardworking teams. By making Truework the go-to verification provider for all users, Gusto is continuing to support employees and employers, both in and out of the office.

Recent studies suggest buying a home is one of the most stressful events in modern life, with up to 30% of homebuyers left feeling extremely frustrated after being unable to close on a property. One of the most pivotal yet hidden pieces of the home-buying puzzle is the employment and income verification process.

For many small businesses, verifying their workforce can be troublesome and unexpected. These requests often interrupt day-to-day work, forcing business owners to shift gears and track down HR information. Furthermore, it’s difficult for owners to verify whether or not the incoming verification request is legitimate, creating additional friction and leaving an employee vulnerable to fraud.

Employees are faced with similar challenges. They sign-away consent to their lender or other verifier and are left in a black box with no visibility into the verification process. Employees are forced to sit and wait, or even bug their employer about the verification request. If an employee is indeed applying for a home loan, the stakes of processing a verification are even higher.

“Income verification is a prime example of a process that has been streamlined and secured for employees at large enterprise organizations while small businesses and their employees are left behind,” said our founder Ryan Sandler. “Anyone who has worked at a small business while applying for a mortgage knows how painstaking this process can be. Oftentimes it is up to the employee to chase down their manager to respond to faxes and phone calls, all while the business and its employees have a laundry list of more important things to do to help serve their customers.”

The Truework-Gusto partnership unlocks productivity and protection for employees and employers alike. When employers receive verification requests from lenders or other verifiers, business owners on Gusto can simply redirect the request directly to Truework by telling the verifier to submit their request via Additionally, employees on Gusto can let their verifiers know to use Truework directly, saving their employers time by eliminating the back and forth of emails and phone calls.

“At Gusto, we firmly believe in the notion that companies are data custodians, not data owners, and employees deserve transparency and ownership of their personal data,” said Somrat Niyogi, Gusto’s Head of Business Development. “In partnering with Truework, we’re giving employees the privacy and consent they need to better own and control their data while significantly reducing employers’ time spent on the employee verification process.”

Employees on Gusto no longer have to sit in the dark when working through some of the challenges that coincide with buying a home, renting an apartment or securing a new job.

When Truework receives a request regarding an employer using Gusto, the employee is sent a notification and request for consent, informing them that a 3rd-party is attempting to verify their employment and/or income data. Sensitive employee data is shared only after the employee gives their consent, ensuring employees are able to protect themselves from fraudulent requests.


Truework is now fully integrated with some of the most powerful HR systems on the planet- including Gusto, Zenefits, BambooHR, UKG, Paylocity and many more.

If you work in HR and are interested in boosting productivity by automating incoming verifications (including letters of employment), find us in your HR system marketplace or email us directly,


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