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How does Truework complete every verification?

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Truework completes verifications using 3 methods: 

  1. Instant Network
  2. Credentials
  3. Smart Outreach

Depending on a customer’s plan and configuration of the Truework platform, we may further simplify the experience by routing a verification through the method or methods that are most likely to complete in the shortest possible time. By dealing with thousands of employers on a daily basis, our platform has learned what works and doesn’t for each, and we use this to make our customers’ jobs easier.

For example, for pay-as-you-go customers using the Truework Web App, we usually first route verifications through our Instant Network. If we don’t find a result there, we may direct the request to both Credentials and Smart Outreach methods simultaneously. Kicking off both of these in parallel ensures that we complete the verification in the fastest time possible. And don’t worry, customers are only charged a single price per completion, regardless of how many methods Truework uses to complete the verification. 

Together, the below methods make it possible for us to quickly and efficiently complete any request made for an employee in the U.S.


1. Instant Network

Due to relationships, some exclusive, with some of the largest employers in the country, and thanks to our extensive partnerships with HRIS and Payroll systems, Truework has a database of over 35 million employee records across the United States. This database enables us to complete requests immediately upon receipt.

2. Credentials

This method enables applicants to share verified employment and income data by logging into their payroll provider. This is especially useful when verifying 1099 contractors and other hard-to-verify employees, like those in government agencies, but can and is used to verify almost every employee across the United States. 

Truework Credentials can connect to over 150 payroll providers, including government payroll, gig economy platforms, and custom-built payroll platforms for large Fortune 500 companies.

3. Smart Outreach

If the employee's data is neither in our system nor has any other provider, no worries! Our in-person Smart Outreach team in Utah has the ability to reach out to any employer in the country, and obtain the requested data directly. 

In addition, Truework has partnerships with some of the leading third-party providers in the country. This means that if we don't already have the employee's data in our system, we can quickly and efficiently tap into our partnerships to get that information over to you.

Click here for a full list of our partners.

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