What to expect from a Truework Verification of Employment

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As someone whose employer uses Truework, it is likely that you will at some point go through a verification of income or employment using our system. Here is a breakdown of what that experience might look like.*


Your Third-party Verifier will place a request

If you are working with a third-party verifier such as a bank or a mortgage lender, that person will be responsible for confirming that you are employed and earning the income you report. They will navigate to truework.com and place a request.

To do so, the verifier will complete a request form, and purchase a verification from Truework.

***Note that you, as an employee, should never be charged for this request. If the verifier charges you for a Truework request, please write in to support@truework.com to request a refund.


Truework will complete the report

Truework will make sure the company is a legitimate business, and that their request includes your signed authorization for the release of your information. We'll complete the request and make the information securely available to your verifier.


You can review the report

When Truework completes the request, you will receive a notification:




Click "View Your Details on Truework" to review the report. You'll have the opportunity to report any errors, so that we can ensure that the verifier receives accurate information. 


What happens if I report an error? 

In the unlikely event that there is an error, Truework will notify the verifier to expect an updated report. The data will be reviewed and the report will be corrected accordingly.


If you have any questions about a request, or would like to check in on its status, you can always reach out to our support team via support@truework.comOur phone line is also available at 1-833-878-3967


*Click here to learn what to expect when your employer does NOT use Truework. 

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