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What is Verifier Teams and how can it help?

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Truework’s Teams allows you to further optimize your verifications with Truework by:

  • eliminating complicated billing processes and
  • introducing user management for admins

This allows entire teams or companies to have a corporate account with Truework and easily manage billing and user management. As a bonus, the Truework Teams features are free for all Truework users - so nothing gets in the way of your team completing your verifications.



Here is what you can expect:


Simple and direct monthly corporate billing

Say goodbye to multiple accounts with multiple billing sources - with Truework Teams, you can have one payment source - such as check, ACH payments, or credit card - and one monthly bill for entire teams. Instead of paying for each verification— you can expect quick and easy monthly invoicing. Truework Teams also allows you to create automatic expense reports and filter based on loan number and by detailed usage.

Easily manage your team on Truework.

Now, with the Admin feature, designated admins can add, delete, manage, and set roles and permissions for all team members with the click of a button. And coming soon, admins will also be able to share reports with other team members and allow users to view and take action on requests. Truework Teams also allows you to track all your team members on Truework and easily integrate them into your company’s Truework Teams plan.

Security first infrastructure and account monitoring

Our single sign-on feature enables admins to manage users from a single central directory, and the audit log feature gives admins visibility into account activity and allows them to identify anything suspicious.

Itemized line details on your invoices

Truework Teams gives you itemized line details on your invoices, such as loan number, branch ID, verification type, and average amount per transaction for each request. To take a closer look, you can download our sample invoice here.

Collaborate on verification requests with other users on your team

Team admins will now be able to monitor and respond to verifications, so team members can get the help that they need

  • Verifications are now easily shared between accounts, so helping, collaborating, or taking over a verification between team members is as simple as one click.
  • Team members and admins can seamlessly follow up on their teammate’s verification requests when a team member is unavailable or on vacation.

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