Verification Statuses Explained

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Your Admin Dashboard is designed to serve as an archive of all verifications that have come through As a Truework HR Admin, you have the ability to see the status of any verification that has been completed, or is currently processing from the "Verifications" section of your dashboard:



You can find a list and definitions of all verification statuses below:

  • Incorrect Information
    • The verifier provided incorrect information when submitting a request. Some examples included: verifier submitted wrong SSN, or typed in the wrong company name. We'll be moving this to "Currently processing." 
  • Currently Processing 
    • Truework is manually processing the order. HR responder form (missing information)
  • Needs more Information
    • Request sent to verifier for more information required. It could be a missing auth form or incorrect SSN/name.  
  • Completed 
    • Employee approved request and report was shared with verifier
  • Employee Not Found
    • No record of employee in data with Truework and verified through HR responder form. 
  • Cancelled
    • Request cancelled either by the verifier or Truework. Common instances include self requests by employee, loans withdrawn.

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