How to Generate a Letter

How to generate a letter

Go to Then, type in your employer's name and select "Get Started"


From here, you will be asked to submit one of the following in order to obtain a verification code: 

  • Work Email
  • Personal Email (if you are a former employee)
  • Mobile Number

To use one instead of the other, make note of the alternate options presented beneath the "Generate Code" button. 


Type in your email or mobile number, select "Generate Code" and then check your inbox or text messages. Input the code you will have received and click "Verify."


Upon clicking "verify," you will be brought to your Letter Dashboard, where you will be able to access any of the letters that your employer has chosen to make available to you. You can download these letters directly onto your computer or mobile phone and distribute as needed.



Don't see the information you expect?

Reach out to Truework's Support Team directly by clicking on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. We'll be able to assist from there! 


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    I want to receive a statement of my income, how do I do it?


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