How to sign up for Truework via Zenefits

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Simplify your employment verification needs with Truework, when you are already using Zenefits! Here is how you sign up.

Step 1: From the Zenefits Marketplace, select "connect Zenefits to Truework"



Step 2: Enter your Zenefits username and password, then click sign in.



Step 3: Filter out any contractors or 1099 employees, then press "continue." 

Truework is currently only able to verify W2 employees. Read more about why here.



Step 4: Review the permissions Truework needs to upload your employee data, then click "Authorize."



Finally, create your Truework account! It will autofill with your Zenefits login credentials. Make sure you set a new password and include your company website.


Your company will now be added to Truework, and your admin account will be available for you once we validate your data. This process should not take longer than one business day. 

When the data is finished syncing, you will get an email and be prompted to log in for the first time.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions via

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