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Building a New Letter Template

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From the “Letter Templates” tab of your dashboard, select “Create Template.” 


From there, create a name for your template and select your letter-type. Note that you have the option to make this letter available to either inactive or active employees. When you’re ready, “Continue.” 


Customizing your Letter Template: Branding

Start to build out your template by uploading a logo and adding your signature: 


Upon uploading your company logo (preferably in .png format), you will have the option to format it according to your needs. Click directly upon the uploaded logo to trigger your formatting options:


Next, you may want to consider adding an electronic signature. To do so, you will have the option to type your name using Truework’s default font, or upload your own signature as a .png image: Screen_Shot_2021-01-15_at_10.18.00_PM.png


Once you are satisfied with your signature, select “Save.”


Customizing Your Letter: Variables

Variables, which appear in blue on your letter template, draw and autofill employee data from your HRIS Platform. You can review all available variables by selecting the “+Variable” button on the upper left-hand corner of your template: 


To insert a variable, click on the spot where you would like it to appear in your text, and then refer to the drop-down menu. You remove variables by deleting them directly from the text.

Note: To learn about creating custom variables, visit this help desk article: Creating a Custom Variable. 

Once you’ve composed your draft, you can preview your letter by clicking the “Preview Letter” button on the right-hand corner: 


Finally, you can decide if you would like to allow your employees to generate this letter for themselves by either selecting or deselecting the check box at the bottom of the template:


If you’re happy with your letter, select “Save.” Moving forward, you’ll be able to generate any custom letter from your Truework Admin Dashboard, while employees will be able to generate letters that you have made available to them from


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