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Sending Verifiers to Truework

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Landing Pages

As a Truework Customer, our goal is to divert as much verifier traffic as possible. One of our solutions for this is to maintain excellent SEO. In fact, if you type your company's name and "employment verification" into Google, you will see that your branded Truework Landing Page will be among the first links to appear:




You can always find your company's page by doing the above or visiting the Truework Company Directory. 

That said, we highly recommend that you backlink your Truework Landing Page on your company website. This reiterates to verifiers they should come directly to Truework to make any verification requests. See below for an example of how one of our customers currently does so: 


Handling Email Requests

If you regularly get email requests from verifiers, we recommend setting up an auto-reply template, such as the one below:
We use Truework to complete all income and employment verifications. Please follow the instructions below.
  1. Visit

  2. Click "Start a Verification" to submit your request.

Tip: Link your dedicated company landing page to make it even easier for verifiers to find you! 


Handling Phone Requests

If you use an outbound IVR, we recommend adding a recorded message directing verifiers to 


Handling Fax Requests

To learn more about how to address these scenarios, visit this article: How to Handle Fax Requests.


Updating Your Company Landing Page

Submit a request to update your landing page by emailing Be sure to briefly describe any changes you'd like us to make. Changes are usually made within 3 business days.

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