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Verifiers can access granular updates in order to track and manage the status of their Truework requests. To access status updates, simply click into any request in your dashboard, and go to the "Request Status" tab:
Status updates can be divided into 4 primary categories:
  • Request Review
  • Processing
  • Report Review
  • Report Complete

You can view a detailed account of what Truework is doing to complete a request under each of the 4 categories. Actions that have been taken appear in purple, while actions that will take place appear in gray. Time stamps of every completed action are also available for your review:



You can find an overview of each category below:

Request Review

This category confirms that Truework has received the request and is working to making sure it contains everything needed to process. You will receive a notification if any additional information is required. Some examples include:

Truework will reach out directly to let you know if additional information is needed. See here to learn how to minimize the likelihood of needing to providing additional information.


Your request has been accepted by our team and we are working to get it completed. You can find a high-level overview of Truework's request completion process here: How does Truework complete every verification? Typical status updates you may see include:
  • Search 35 million records on our Instant Network
  • Search 5 million records on our partner networks
  • Reviewing information requested from {target_company}

Report Review

"Report Review" indicates that the request has been successfully processed, and that Truework's team has moved on to determine the quality of the report. You can expect the following statuses under this category: 

  • Received information passed quality review (Almost Always)
    • Truework has QA'ed the data and approved the request
  • Received information did not pass quality review (Rarely)
    • Truework has QA'ed the data, and cannot approve the request. Learn more here.

Report Complete

Your request will enter this category once it is ready for you to review. Select the "Request Detail" tab in your dashboard to access the completed report: 

Note that you can download every completed request as a PDF. 

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