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Introduction to Credentials and Smart Outreach

Truework can deploy both verification methods (Credentials and Smart Outreach) simultaneously to increase overall coverage, lower the cost of verification, and accelerate turnaround times for requests that cannot be verified instantly.

Truework Credentials enables applicants to complete income and employment verifications by logging into their payroll provider. Credentials is initiated when Truework automatically emails your applicant a link that launches the workflow.

Truework Smart Outreach combines our proprietary automation technology with a team of in-house verification specialists. Smart Outreach completes 50%+ of verifications that cannot be completed via the Truework Instant network in under 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Credentials and Smart Outreach are processing my request? 

To confirm if both Credentials and Smart Outreach are processing a submitted verification request, first log into your account ( From the dashboard, navigate to “My Requests” on the left-side navigation bar and click on the verification. 

Under the “Request Status” tab, you will see a series of status updates under “Processing”, where you can confirm if your request is currently processing via Credentials and Smart Outreach. 

If you are using Truework through Encompass®, navigate to Truework via the “Services” tab. Find the verification request you are looking for and click “View updates”. 


Do I have to pay more for Credentials and Smart Outreach? 

Truework does not charge additional fees when processing verifications using Credentials and Smart Outreach. You will only be charged once if the verification is completed. 

Read more about how Truework prices verifications here

How will the applicant know how to complete a Credentials request? 

Whenever Credentials is deployed as a verification strategy, the applicant (i.e., the individual you are trying to verify) will receive an email with a link and detailed instructions on logging into their payroll provider.


How long will a Credentials request take to complete? 

Once a borrower opens the Credentials email and begins the workflow, the request can be completed in minutes. Typically, the overall completion time for a Credentials request is between 1-2 business days.


What if the applicant doesn’t know their payroll provider?

The applicant can search for their employer or payroll provider within the Credentials workflow. They are routed to the appropriate payroll or single sign-on experience if they select an employer. 


What if the applicant doesn’t know their payroll provider password?

The applicant can initiate a password reset process from within the Credentials workflow.


What if the applicant can’t log in to their payroll provider? 

If the applicant is unable to log into their payroll account, Truework will attempt to complete the verification through our Smart Outreach service. If we are unable to complete the request using Smart Outreach, the request will be canceled and you will not be charged. 

As a reminder, Truework automatically cancels any verification request that has not been completed within 14 days of submission. 


How do I track the status of a Credentials and Smart Outreach request? 

To track the status of any outstanding verification, first log into your account ( From the dashboard, navigate to “My Requests” on the left side navigation bar and click into the verification in question. 

Under the “Request Status” tab, you will see a series of status updates detailing the latest actions performed by Truework. 

Not sure how to interpret a status update? You can find definitions of every update here


What happens if the applicant has multiple employers to verify with Credentials? 

When applicants verify multiple employments through Credentials, they will be sent multiple emails with unique Credentials links for each employer.


What happens with a Credentials request if there are co-applicants?

If co-applicants use Credentials, each applicant will be sent a unique link to their respective email address. If the co-applicants share an email address, they will be sent emails to each applicant.


Does the applicant receive a reminder email if they have not completed a Credentials verification? How many Credentials emails will the applicant receive?

The applicant will receive one email when the verification is initiated, a second email the day after, and one reminder email every 3 days until the request is complete or has been canceled. To summarize: 

Day 0: Initial email 

Day 1: Reminder email 

Days 4, 7, 10, 13: Reminder emails

As a reminder, Truework automatically cancels any verification request that has not been completed within 14 days of submission. 


What happens if the borrower clicks the Credentials link after 14 days?

The borrower will be told that Truework has closed the session for security reasons, and the verification is no longer active.


How do I reverify an applicant using Credentials? 

Over half of all Credentials verifications will require no additional action from the applicant for a re-verification. For the remaining cases, a borrower will receive an email asking them to re-authenticate the data connection to their payroll provider, identical to the initial verification experience via Credentials. 


What does the applicant experience look like for Credentials?  

Applicant email: 

Credentials workflow: 

1) Consent screen 

2) Employer search 

3) Log-in screen

4) Success screen


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