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Announcing Truework to your Team

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As a Team Admin or a Team Owner using Truework, we recommend that you announce Truework to your team members. 


When do I send my announcement email? 

It is best to send the announcement email once you have added members to your team. This enables your team members to sign into their accounts as soon as they learn about Truework, and ensures that everyone is on the same page. 


How do I send my announcement email?

The email below is a guideline for the content of your email. We suggest that you further customize is to suit the needs of your organization. Don't forget to include the one-pager, linked below in this article, as an attachment in your announcement email!


Sample Announcement Email:


Hi everyone,


Excited to announce that [COMPANY NAME] is now using Truework to complete verifications of income and employment. Truework is a one-stop shop for all verifications with a quick turnaround time thanks to: 


  • Its network of over 35 million employee records
  • Its access to 3rd-party providers such as Thomas & Co and other providers.
  • Its extensive database of no-provider HR contacts for manual verifications.


You can use Truework at 3 points in the verification process, including reverifications: 

  • Pre-approval (Request a simple VOE)
  • Underwriting (Request either a VOE or a VOI)
  • Closing (Request a Reverification)


Finally you and your team will no longer have to worry about managing billing and payment, as Truework provides an automated invoicing system that handles this for you. 


Learn more in the attached one-pager, or reach out to your dedicated Truework Support Team via






Intro to Truework One-Pager:

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