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How does Truework Work?

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Gusto has partnered with Truework to make it easier for HR teams to share employment & income information with third party requesters like lenders or banks. Now, employment information can be shared directly with third-party verifiers, and employees will be able to give their consent before any data is passed along.

How it works:

Once a verifier submits a request, the employee will receive the following email.


They will then follow the link in the email and go directly to Gusto, where the employee can decide to authorize their account. If they choose not to authorize, Truework will immediately cancel the request.


If they choose to authorize, Truework will pull relevant data from Gusto and automatically complete the verification request. The employee will only need to authorize Truework once, but can always deauthorize directly through their Gusto account.


They can always review what information was shared, and with whom, as well as flag any corrections that need to be made.


If you have any questions, please reach out to and we'll be happy to assist!

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