1: From your Okta account, go to your Applications:

2. Select "Add Application":

3. Then, "Create New App." 

4. Select "SAML 2.0" and press "Create."

4. Name the App:

5. Log into your Truework admin account and from your dashboard, go to your Settings:

6. From there, "Enable SSO." Then, copy and paste content from "ACS" and "Entity ID" under the SSO settings of your Truework account into Okta. Once you have completed this step, scroll down and hit "Next."

7. From there, select "Finish." 

8. Select "View Setup Instructions."

Then, input the information from Okta into your Truework Settings. It will look something like this:

From there, select "save." You will see a green banner on your screen to confirm that you have successfully saved everything! Moving forward, you and your team will always be able to review the status of your SSO from your Truework Admin Settings:

You're halfway there! For next steps, follow this link: https://help.truework.com/en/articles/3760545-assigning-truework-admin-in-okta

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