Make sure the employee you’re trying to verify is a W2 employee: Truework can only verify employment and income for employees who receive W2s; these employees typically have entered into employment agreements with their employers, who exert more control over what, how, and when employees get their work done. This differs from independent contractors, who receive 1099s; contractors are typically hired to complete specific tasks or roles and can work for multiple businesses. 

Unfortunately, Truework can’t verify income or employment for independent contractors (e.g., Uber or Lyft drivers), who receive 1099s (for now… we’re working on it!). 

Make sure that employee receives a W2 from the company at which you’re looking to verify employment/income: in many situations, employees receive a W2 from  a company that’s different from their actual place of work. For example, many nurses are not actually employed by the hospital where they work; they’re actually full-time, salaried employees of third-party staffing agencies. In those situations, Truework can verify employment/income at those agencies, so make sure you submit that as the company target!

PRO TIP: confused about what company the employee receives a W2 from? Take a look at box “C” on the W2 for the name of the company at which each employee works!

Ensure you’ve submitted all required information: while specific requirements can differ by individual company, generally, we need to have the following items:

  • Authorization form signed by the employee within the last 90 days
  • Employee social security number
  • Name as written on W2 (be careful of nicknames and maiden names!)
  • (for VoIs only) Employee email address
  • (for franchises) Employment address

Ensure the information you’ve submitted is accurate: while this seems like a no-brainer, taking a moment to double-check the information you’ve entered is accurate will limit many longer delays down the road. We see a lot of “6s” instead of “5s” in social security numbers that inevitably lead to delays!

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