In order to keep you as up to date as possible on your verifications, we have a feature that allows you to see exactly what actions we have taken toward completing your request. 

'Requested copy of signed consent form. Please check your email for instructions.’

Before we are able to process requests, we need an authorization form signed by your client in the last 90 days stating that they give you permission to request their information. You are prompted to upload this document when submitting your verification request, but if you forget, an email will be sent to you asking for it. If you see this status update, you will have the opportunity to directly upload an authorization form on the same screen. Once you do that, we will quickly review your provided document and begin processing the request. You are also welcome to email a copy to

'Requested specific branch location. Please check your email for instructions.'

In order to verify employees at franchise businesses, we need the exact address of the branch because corporate HR departments do not keep data of these employees. However, we do not expect you to know if the business is a franchise location. We figure it out and send you an email requesting the information we need. Please click on the link provided in the email and input the branch location address within your dashboard.

'Requested salary key or pin to access third party site. Applicant should check email for instructions.'

For some requests, we go through third party providers to pull employment and income information. If we are pulling income information from these sites, we will need a “salary key” or “verifier pin.” As soon as we identify that we need this, an email will be sent to the person we are verifying along with instructions on how to obtain it. We will also notify the person who submitted the request. We will be able to proceed with the request as soon as the applicant replies with the key or pin.

'Emailed verification form to HR contact.'

This states that we have sent an email to our contact in the HR department requesting the information we need. 

 'Faxed verification form to HR contact.'

This states that we have faxed our contact in HR a form we need them to complete and return. 

'Called HR department to follow up on status.'

 If we send an email or fax to an HR department and do not receive a response, this shows when we followed up with them. We will continue to follow up with them every 4 hours until someone gets back to us.

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